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Finding Gray in a Black and White World

Updated: May 9

Just because it’s (making new connections) not hard doesn’t mean it’s easy. And even with that in mind, it doesn’t mean it can’t be easier, which is why a service like Amity Works will be useful.

- Anthony Mosby

According to dramatist Jean Racine, “Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” Racine wrote only one comedy, so clearly, he perceives feeling as the more interesting approach to life, or at least the most dramatic. Though drama is key to theatrical entertainment, we tend to want to avoid it in our day to day life, and so comes the thinking man.

Anthony Mosby, co-host of the Raleigh podcast, “LOI” or “Law of InnerG”, says he chooses to see life as a comedy and he wants viewers of his show to see it that way too. Anthony says, “Nobody needs less laughter and less reflection. In order to be a non surface level individual and to have happiness in his world you have to be able to laugh at things.”

Intellectually, Anthony divides the world into two types of people, nuanced thinkers and extremists. An extremist is someone who is extremely beholden to the belief in the rightness of their beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. They revel in the black and the white. A nuanced thinker prefers to live in the gray, they see the pros and the cons, the ups and downs, the wrongs and the rights that come with every perspective.

Though Anthony considers himself and most of his colleagues to be nuanced thinkers, he does not shy away from conversing with extremists. Anthony says, “I like seeing what makes a person so faithful and so righteous in one way of seeing things. Because in order to be bigoted about something you have to be truly inspired and motivated by something about that school of thought.”

Despite his curiosity about the mind of the extremist, he does prefer the company of nuanced thinkers. He credits his desire to begin podcasting to the nuance he discovered in his own perspectives and in the perspectives of his friend Justin, who later became his co-host on LOI. Wanting to expand his network of nuanced thinkers, he was able to go out into the world and cross paths with like-minded people, but he says that he’d like to know more of such people.

He says that because of his extroverted nature and because of sheer luck, it wasn’t hard for him to make quality connections. He goes on to say that “Just because it’s not hard doesn’t mean it’s easy. And even with that in mind, it doesn’t mean it can’t be easier, which is why a service like Amity Works will be useful. I’ve depended on random luck, but this would make the process easier and more consistent and reliable.”

Amity Works connects like-minded individuals based on their interests and creates opportunities for connection in person and virtually. For someone like Anthony, Amity Works might provide a coffee shop meeting for nuanced thinkers to join together in philosophical discussion, but there’s more to Anthony than deep thought and laughter, he is also an avid basketball player and so he will be able to use Amity Works to find nearby pick-up games wherever he is in the world.

To watch LOI The Show, visit and to receive updates about the podcast follow @loitheshow on Instagram. To learn more about Amity Works, visit

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